Cameron ORR

Looping Artist

Cameron Orr is a looping artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Cameron Orr incorporates his classical and jazz training with electronic elements to create violin- and synth-driven orchestral, cinematic compositions.

"Cameron brought our wedding to the next level. Here's how it happened. We couldn't afford a full band, so we had our eyes open for talented soloists. My wife saw Cameron playing on a subway platform on 14th st., and she brought me one of his CDs. We met and talked music. It was easy to work with him because his range is so broad; he's as comfortable playing modern, avant-garde pieces as he is playing classical. He even said that if we wanted a piece he didn't know, he would happily learn it. 

"I asked him to set the mood before the ceremony with an hour of his own compositions and then to make everybody cry with Pachelbel's Canon for the processional. It was excellent; they cried. Cameron even improvised a plucky little tune when my wife was delayed in her changing area. I was glad to have him next to me as I stood sweating in the light."

“Interesting and gentle - a perfect combination for a New York wedding. Cameron was easy to work with and wonderfully accommodating to our musical needs. He brings a dependability, uniqueness, and intimacy that is like no other. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a violinist!” 
- William and Viktoriya Donovan, married Sept.20th 2014 at THE RIVER CAFE