Cameron ORR

Looping Artist

Cameron Orr is a looping artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Cameron Orr incorporates his classical and jazz training with electronic elements to create violin- and synth-driven orchestral, cinematic compositions.


Are you able to teach other musical skills besides violin and piano?

While my primary didactic practice is as a violin and piano tutor, I am also available to teach composition, improvisation, music theory, and working with loops, effects and other various electronic musical tools.

How long will it take me to learn how to play the violin or piano?

Becoming a musician is a lifelong journey, but with consistent and focused practice, my students will be able to play a simple recognizable tune after a month or two of regular weekly lessons.

How much should an instrumental student practice?

Depending on the age of the student, concentration levels may vary, but generally, for a beginning student, 20 to 30 minutes, four to six days a week is ideal. If a student has been playing for at least couple years and has professional or semi-professional aspirations, they may want to consider playing an hour a day. This all depends, however, upon how focused and strategic the practice is. 15 minutes of quality practice is better than an hour of unfocused practice. Providing students with effective practice strategies is a strong element of my instruction.

Are you available for online lessons via Skype?

Yes, I am!